Randy has been an artist since he can remember. He started really drawing at about ten and never stopped. He then ended up graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a BFA in Fine Arts Education in 1980. He taught for three years up in Vail. Amazing! He left to get "real" and boy did he! He found no real work for several years. He finally headed home to Connecticut and got a job at a private school teaching part time.

Several years later He found himself working in New York City as a computer artist. He left after a couple of years and substitute taught until he landed a job working in a local public school system. This started what would become a 26 year career. During this time he earned a Masters somewhere around 1993 and then taught high school art for many years. He retired in 2010 and he has been a working artist and handyman/carpenter since.

For years Randy tried to sell motorcycle imagery, which is included here as well. It then came to him that motorcyclists don't buy art. Given this, he turned to his other major love, the Adirondacks and images of nature and the creatures that inhabit it. This is his current fascination and interest. He hopes you enjoy them even more than he enjoys the process of taking or finding the images and producing his wonderful paintings.


Randy is a Renaissance Man. With all due respect to the great masters, he is capable of doing virtually anything he sets his mind to. Like the great Leonardo DaVinci, whom he praises and identifies with, Randy is constantly thinking about some new invention, some great idea. His mind never rests. Comfortable with almost every artistic media, Randy is also a writer, a poet, a handyman, a finish carpenter, and so much more. He has designed roof racks for cars, trailers for Kayaks, and countless other inventions that didn't take root...yet.

He has written, produced, and directed plays and musicals. He has designed and built the scenery. He has even sculpted the statues for the town square, gone costume hunting, made the props, and even put together the programs for many successful shows.

Since grade ten, Randy knew he wanted to teach art. After a few prerequisite college years in Colorado, teach he did... for twenty-six years. As department chair of a large semi-urban high school, he helped hundreds of terrific artists put together portfolios to get accepted and attend all of the best art schools in the country. Due to over-prescribed medications and other life altering issues, Randy left teaching in 2010. After a period of a year of adjustment and recuperation, Randy started to pursue a second career as a working artist. Using the carpentry and building skills he learned while building drama sets and finishing an addition on a prior home, he has since and still supplements his art career and pension with odd jobs and custom carpentry work to get by. 

In the late fall of 2017, after never having really painted seriously, Randy produced the painting in his portfolio called "Showing Off". This work was so well received by family and friends that he decided to try a few more. By the spring of 2018, Randy had produced over 20 finished works and decided to take his show on the road. He spent the summer travelling to shows as far away as Minnesota, returning to his beloved Adirondacks to much more success. He currently has work in two shows and two galleries up north, as well as his offerings here.

A father of three amazing young women, Randy, when not home in Connecticut creating or dreaming up some new way to solve a problem, can be found regularly "more at home" in the Adirondacks of upper New York State, probably paddling across a lake or hiking a trail in search of natural wonders. With his faithful Canon in hand, he is always on the ready to shoot yet another subject for a future work. Randy describes the Adirondacks as where his soul is most content. He hopes to finally move there permanently in the late Spring of 2020.

Randy's latest works, soon to be unveiled, are themed "reflections" as he tends to handle them particularly well. These new pieces will also be primarily nature-based, but there may be a few surprises just down the road as he is apt to take the path seldom traveled whether it be on his Harley or wielding his brush. Check back in late October!