People often ask where I get my images from. I started out taking pictures up at our "camp" in the Adirondacks and most of my new work is all based on my photos. It was here that I took the picture of the two loons, "Showing Off", "Hoel Pond Sunset 1", and the "Top of Ampersand". Then, after showing my work to some friends, I was told basically that I should be selling my work and what was doing hammering nails when I could paint like this?

Given the above and a lack of additional good wildlife imagery to work with, I turned to the internet. What I found was a lot of photographers who were unwilling to work with me. I then discovered an amazing wildlife photographer. In my humble opinion he is one of the very best. His name is Rick Libbey and he goes by the moniker "Rick, the MooseMan". His photographs had just what I was looking for; emotion, beauty, the animal dynamic, and that Je ne c'est quoi that makes a photograph just seduce you. By good fortune he agreed to work with me and many of the images you see here are his or that of his fiance, Libby Corbin. Libbey and Libby, made in heaven, at least for me.  His fog photos are surreal and oh so tough to replicate in oil. I hope do them both justice.

KUDOS again to Rick for the Big Bruiser panorama... SOLD the original to a super couple who will cherish it forever!